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The faces of Dauzac – Nicolas
30 October 2021
# The faces of Dauzac

3 quick questions to introduce you to one of the faces of Dauzac, Nicolas

▶️ Can you describe your job?

I am responsible for the compliance and quality of our products. I implement sustainable development within the property both environmentally and socially through the CSR programme.

I assist the technical director in achieving the objectives and determine ways to improve the company.

I support our teams in the continuous improvement of our production system.

I am also responsible for technical research and development.

▶️ How does a typical day go?

In direct contact with our Technical Director, my day begins with a discussion of the various tasks entrusted to me.

My day oscillates between monitoring our technical experiments, updating the regulatory watch, purchasing new equipment, etc.

My tasks are very varied throughout the year, I am involved in all the activities necessary for the smooth running of the company

▶️ What is your favourite vintage?

The 2016 vintage is for me the quintessence of Château Dauzac. This year’s Indian summer allowed us to harvest the grapes at their peak of ripeness and produce a rich and intense wine.

It is also our first Vegan certified vintage.