Maud Rome, a responsible for the quality with a promising future

27 October 2022

Maud Rome, who arrived at Château Dauzac in August 2022, is responsible for the quality, and is passionate about her work. She has integrated perfectly into the team thanks to her know-how and professionalism.

Maud tells us in a few sentences her vision of Dauzac…

Hello Maud, can you describe your job?

I deal with the quality of wines in its broadest sense, which includes sanitary, organoleptic and environmental quality.

Could you tell us why you chose the wine business?

Since childhood, I was brought up in the wine world, my father being a cooper, it was an obvious choice for me. Moreover, it is one of the rare fields in which the quality of the finished product is subjective, there are as many perceived qualities as there are people tasting the wine, which makes the work even more interesting.

What qualities should a Quality manager have?

I think we have to be able to question ourselves on all subjects and be very rigorous.

But above all, you have to like working in a team, it’s a very cross-functional job that involves working with all the people within the estate.

Have you had to modify your way of working with the progress of science and the environmental consequences on the vine?

We take advantage of scientific innovations but above all, our way of working adapts itself with the vintage and our objective is to bring out the best in the wine. Every year, we are presented with a fresh new page and we are constantly questioning our practices and knowledge, which makes this job even more exciting.

What is your vision of the Dauzac wine of tomorrow?

A wine of great quality that will be able to adapt to climatic challenges while preserving its typicity and protecting our environment.

What is the best professional advice you have been given and that you can pass on?

The best advice is undoubtedly to never forget that our work tool is a terroir that we must protect more than ever if we want future generations to have the chance to continue producing great wines.

Finally, what is your favorite vintage?

Without a doubt 2012, it is a vintage with a strong sentimental dimension for me. 2012 is the year of my baccalaureate graduation, and thus marks the beginning of my university studies which led me to work in wine. But it is also the vintage of the wine I tasted on the evening of my thesis results, a Château Latour 2012.