Do you know the reason why the vines are trimmed?

24 August 2022

The vine is a liana that naturally climbs up trees to spread out and catch the sunlight.

To help with its growth, we trellis the vine so that it stands well in a row and maintains its upright position. We then trim the vine by cutting it back on the sides and top to facilitate the ripening of the grapes. By avoiding excessive vegetation, we limit shade, humidity and the development of diseases.

We pay attention to the height of the vegetation and the distance between the rows, so that all the leaves catch the sun’s rays and carry out photosynthesis, which gives energy to the plant.

If a leaf is never exposed to direct sunlight, it will only transpire and not do photosynthesis. When it is very hot, like this summer for example, the stomates close to protect the leaves, so it does not do photosynthesis at that time, and only transpires.

During hot weather we trim more frequently than usual in order to limit the transpiration of the plant as much as possible.