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Teddy or the definition of multi-tasking
5 April 2023
# The faces of Dauzac

Teddy joined the Château Dauzac team in 2017 and has quickly become essential to the smooth running of the estate. Passionate about his work, discover the portrait of one of Dauzac’s most valuable helpers

How did you come to work at Château Dauzac?

I was working in the construction industry as a painter. Following the company’s relocation, I decided to look for a new job that allowed me to stay in the Bordeaux region. This is when I applied for the painter job at Château Dauzac in 2017 and got hired. I then gradually became a maintenance agent.

Can you describe your daily life at the Château?

I don’t have a typical day; that’s what I like most about my job. I take care of so many things from beekeeping to painting, as well as electricity. If I had to define my job, I would say that I am an all-rounder. My days are anything but monotone and this is what I like.

What qualities should a good service agent have?

You need to be flexible, be prepared to respond to any request regarding the maintenance of the property. I think that a minimum of follow-up is also necessary, I have a lot of tasks to do at the same time every day, you must not let yourself be overwhelmed, prioritize, otherwise you do everything without doing anything.

What do you like most about your job?

I already said it a little, but the diversity. I never get bored, I do so many things. At the end what I like most is not to have a routine at the Château.

Have you noticed an evolution in the way you work, in the commitments you make as a maintenance worker?

The real change is that I gained a lot of experience in different fields. Today, I am involved in many different projects at the same time. I am constantly adapting to environmental recommendations, to the demands of my managers as well as the new tasks that come up on a daily basis.

Do you have a memorable memory or funny anecdote to share with us?

The funniest, and the one that has something to do with experience, is when I forgot my boots on the apiary during the honey harvest. I learned never to forget my boots again, or rather the bee stings told me to never do that again.

Finally, what is your favorite vintage?

Château Dauzac 2015 is the vintage I like the most. But I am also a fervent lover of the Haut-Médoc each year.