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10 June 2022
# L'instant Dauzac

It is in the herb drying room that our oenologist Cécilia Trimaille dries her plants for the phytotherapy applied to the estate’s vines.

Château Dauzac has been reinforcing the immune defences of the vineyard by using decoctions, herbal teas, infusions and plant purines for over 5 years. In this way we give the plant an impulse, an information and a strength so that it can defend itself against diseases. These plant-based preparations can be considered as “bio-dynamisers” or “bio-stimulants”.

We use about ten different plants: horsetail, nettle, camomile, valerian, yarrow, dandelion, oak bark… The different plants used at the Château are sprayed in homeopathic doses throughout the year according to the stages and weather conditions and, of course, the needs of the plant. We adapt each infusion to the specific needs of the vine and each of these species has incredible virtues to support the vine throughout the seasons.

We try to collect most of these plants ourselves on our property and we dry them here in the herb drying room.

The herbal infusions are prepared in a large pot with 100 litres of water. The exact temperatures vary depending on the plants chosen. The liquid is then filtered and ‘dynamised’ in a machine equipped with a copper arm that rotates and forms a vortex, a whirling movement. This process vitalizes the herbal infusions and strengthens the signal emitted by the plant.