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29 July 2022
# The faces of Dauzac

A true ambassador for Dauzac, Katerina promotes the Château on a daily basis. Discovery, sharing and conviviality are the key principles of this passionate young woman who is committed in maintaining the highest hospitality quality. Let’s meet Katerina, who has been working within the wine tourism team for the past 6 months.

How did you come to Château Dauzac?

I found the offer on LinkedIn

Can you describe your daily life at the Château?

I work with many people coming from all around the word. My main tasks are to organize various touristic events such as thematic visits of the domain, workshops as well as help in setting up different private receptions.

What qualities should a good wine tourism manager have?

First of all he or she should have excellent organizational skills and be good at managing a team. It is someone creative, open minded, dynamic possessing high communication skills. Above all, it is highly important to have a will to share your love for the estate and its wine with people. I would say that it is sort of rigorous artist desperately in love with his/her work.

What do you like most about your job?

I appreciate a lot to be in contact with people experiencing cross-cultural exchange thanks to my daily routine at the chateau. I feel happy when I share with them what I know about Dauzac and Wine universe and general.

What do people enjoy most during the visit and tasting?

Of course, they are fascinated by the beautiful landscape of our park, our classy wine cellars and wine, quality of which only confirms high standards of the chateau. I always try to make my visits not only fun but also educational so my guests may bring with them some knowledge from Bordeaux.

What is the most booked service?

Apart from Discovery tour, we have lot requests of workshop “Oenologist for a day” during which we unveil secrets of the art of blending wines.

What activities set you apart from other wineries in the region?

This year we have set up a brand new tour taking you straight to the heart of our ecological vineyards by electric scooter.

Do you have a memorable memory or funny anecdote to share with us?

Few years ago, I was hosting on a tour a couple from the USA. They turned out to be parents of one of my long time American friend with whom I had lost contact many years ago. I did not know who they were in the beginning, so my surprise was so big that I hardly could get up to carry on my tour. Thus, it was incredible to meet them in Medoc 15 000 km and 10 years away… Thanks to the wine, we could reunite with the friend of mine.

What is the best advice you have been given that you can pass on?

“Take your time whilst tasting wine and no haste!”

Finally, what is your favorite vintage?

2001- is a charming vintage which unfairly underestimated and left in the shadow of glorious 2009 and 2010.