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Essai Vin Cœur: a project to develop agroforestery
4 October 2023
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Essai Vin Cœur is a project imagined, created and coordinated by Moringa Conseil, a strategy and CSR consultancy, and supported by the Union Bordeaux Bègles (UBB) and the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB).

The “Essai Vin Cœur” project was created with the aim of developing agroforestry in the Bordeaux vineyards in a fun and educational way. Agroforestry is the simple idea of associating trees with agriculture (animal or vegetable), with the aim of deriving numerous benefits from this union:

– Bringing trees and vines together

– Drawing water from deep in the soil for plants above ground

– Helping to structure wine-growing soils

– Encouraging biodiversity and vine resistance to various hazards

– Store carbon

For Essai Vin Cœur, agroforestry is the solution for achieving the main objectives sought through the creation of the project.

The concept is both virtuous and innovative: for every point scored at home by Union Bordeaux Bègles, the Girondins rugby club, 10 trees will be planted in the Bordeaux vineyards!

The counter has been running since the beginning of 2023: the 188 points scored by the UBB at home have already made it possible to plan the planting of 1,880 trees!

Château Dauzac was one of the properties selected to host the planting of around a hundred trees in the form of a hedge. To ensure the quality of the planting and the achievement of the agroforestry objectives, Essai Vin Coeur is calling on the services of Arbres et Paysages en Gironde. All the planting will be preceded by a soil study phase to determine the type of species appropriate for the different soils.

In this way, the project is part of the carbon-neutral approach to capturing CO2 by the trees and encouraging biodiversity.