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16 May 2022
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What do you know about biodynamic viticulture?

We use two main biodynamic preparations at Château Dauzac.

Last week, our teams participated in a workshop organised by the Aquitaine Biodynamie association in order to make these two preparations.

1. Horn manure known as “500”.

Horn manure is obtained by fermentation in the soil, during the winter period good quality cow manure is introduced into cow horns. The horns are then placed in the ground lying down so that they can take on all the earth’s energy.

It is very important to use only preparations that have been completely transformed in the soil during winter. It’s essential to only use preparations that have been completely transformed during winter.

This preparation, when it is well prepared, well preserved and well applied, is of primary importance, because it addresses the soil and the roots of the plants. This preparation is spread on the vines. Like a good leaven, the 500 preparation gives power to the vine.

2. Silica called “501”

This is an essential preparation for biodynamic agriculture, it is complementary and acts in polarity with horn manure (500). It does not address the soil but the aerial part of the vine during its vegetative period.

Quartz flour is mixed with water, then this preparation is inserted in the horns and they are filled with clay (from Dauzac of course!). Finally, they are planted in the ground, so that this time, they take the celestial forces. This preparation allows a better relationship with the cosmic periphery, with the whole cosmos.

It can be referred to as “light spraying”, which can promote vegetative vigor or, on the contrary, reduce excessive luxuriance. It brings a luminous quality to the vine and attenuates the risk to disease.

This preparation is essential for the internal structure of the vine and for its development, favouring the vertical growth of the plants. 

Finally, it is crucial to ensure a good food quality: the nutritional quality of the food is reinforced, its taste and aroma are enhanced.