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4 May 2022
# The faces of Dauzac

Cécilia Trimaille, a passionate oenologist with more than 11 years experience, joined Château Dauzac in January 2022. She has integrated perfectly into the team thanks to her sense of observation and her professionalism. Cécilia tells us in a few words her vision of Dauzac…

Hello Cécilia, can you describe your job ?

It’s agriculture in the noble sense of the word. To constantly adapt to each plot, to each barrel in order to accompany the grape at each stage and then the wine to reveal its best.

Could you tell us why you chose the wine business ?

I chose the wine business out of passion. My father, an oenophile, passed on his passion to me at a very young age. It was only natural that I studied viticulture and oenology.

What qualities should an oenologist have?

The most important is observation and adaptation.

Is it difficult to be a woman in this world of men?

I don’t think it is more difficult or easier to be a woman in the wine industry. Each personality brings its own sensitivity. A bottle is never the work of one person, it is a team effort!

Have you had to modify your way of working with the progress of science and the environmental consequences on the vine?
We rethink our job every year. For me, it is essential to constantly question our practices. That’s how we can find new solutions and constantly progress.

What is your vision of the Dauzac wine of tomorrow?

A wine that is ever more precise in terms of quality, while preserving the environment and biodiversity.

What is the best professional advice you have been given and that you can pass on?

A great winemaker who played an important role in my career once told me that we have to be humble because this is a profession in which we have very little experience even at the end of our career: each vintage is different and we only have one vintage per year.

Finally, what is your favorite vintage ?

I don’t have a favourite vintage. Each vintage has its own charm. They each have their own personality.