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A sustainable partnership for a carbon-neutral wine
9 June 2023
# Innovation

Bioboon Agrology, a committed partner

Château Dauzac is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by forming a special partnership with Bioboon Agrology. The partnership is based on shared values of environmental protection and innovation.

Bioboon Agrology, a start-up committed to the ecological transition of agricultural activities, was born of its founder’s desire to develop formulations that promote plant health while preserving the surrounding biodiversity. The company aims to support growers in their ecological transition by offering natural and innovative products, while increasing their profitability. Its model is based on a short supply chain, with a network of licencees favouring local sourcing as well as manufacturing under licence directly by the producers.

As part of this partnership, we carried out an initial soil fertilisation trial using two locally-produced biostimulants made from 100% natural materials. On the strength of this conclusive experience, we have chosen Bioboon as our exclusive partner for the treatment of the plot dedicated to our carbon- neutral wine.

The birth of a lasting partnership

In addition to this collaboration, we will also plant bamboo on our estate. These will play an essential role as a carbon sequestration mechanism, offsetting the residual emissions of our carbon-neutral wine. This initiative reflects our deep commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

We also share a common ambition with Bioboon in terms of research and development in the fight against mildew. Our aim is to use natural products free of heavy metals to preserve the health of our vines and the balance of the surrounding ecosystem.

This partnership with Bioboon Agrology demonstrates our shared commitment to sustainable, environmentally-friendly agricultural practices. Together, we are working continuously to make our crops ever more virtuous, thereby guaranteeing the long-term future of our business while preserving biodiversity and reducing our impact on the climate.