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The Dauzac vegetable garden
17 August 2021
# L'instant Dauzac

Château Dauzac has recently established its own vegetable garden in the property’s gardens. Here we find original vegetables and old varieties that allow us to (re)discover the flavours of yesteryear. It is also an action to act in favour of biodiversity, but also to take part in the adventure of permaculture, which aims to take care of nature and people and to share fairly.

At Dauzac we are committed to creating meaningful plant projects. We are doing everything possible to cultivate the membership around the vegetable garden. The Château team regularly goes to harvest fruit and vegetables. Jimmy, our cook, makes it a point of honour to use local and quality products. Using fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs directly from the property’s garden means rediscovering the original taste of food. What a way to vary the flavours and colours!