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An exceptional estate

A family history

The encounter


An exceptional estate

Château Dauzac, a Margaux ''Grand Cru Classé'' according to the 1855 classification, has the privilege of having a one-block 49 hectares vineyard: 45 hectares with the Margaux appellation and 4 hectares with the Haut-Médoc appellation. Located near the Gironde estuary whose influence on the vineyard’s ecosystem is critical, the property is protected from ocean winds thanks to 120 hectares of meadows and forests

A family history

The oldest known owner in this sector of Margaux was Pétrus d’Auzac. He received the land from Richard I, “Richard the Lionheart”, King of England, Count of Poitiers, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Maine and Count of Anjou.

Laurent Fortin Manager of Château Dauzac

Why did you join Château Dauzac?

Promoting a Grand Cru classified in 1855 is an opportunity you can’t refuse. Over the course of my career, I had the chance to work for big wine producers, to head a cooperative federation and to create my own company. I worked for 16 years in the USA and 4 years in China, and I am now thrilled to be back in my home country to face this new challenge.

What is it about Dauzac that won you over?

I was immediately moved by Château Dauzac’s uniqueness. I discovered a remarkable terroir, talented men, who are passionate about their work, and a rich history. At Dauzac, time seems to pass more slowly. Each moment is quieter and fuller than anywhere else. But we’re not stuck in the past, either. Dauzac has stayed true to its legacy as a pioneer of the Bordeaux mixture and thermoregulation. Innovation is nothing short of a state of mind at Dauzac, but it is always paired with the greatest respect for nature and our terroir.

What are your dreams for Château Dauzac?

Promoting and sharing the emotion of a great wine, by restoring it to its rightful place as one of Margaux best Cinquièmes Grands Crus Classés, as well as strengthening the status of our first and second wines on the Bordeaux market and abroad.

Cellar and logistics
Park and gardens
Wine tourism
  • Jean-Marie, head of cultivation
  • Cyril, winemaker
  • Bernadette, winemaker
  • Marie-Claude, winemaker
  • Vincent, winemaker
  • Nicolas A., winemaker
  • Mickaël, winemaker
  • Grégory, winemaker
  • Nicolas S., winemaker
  • Adrien, winemaker
  • Florent, winemaker