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Château Dauzac, a 5th growth Grand Cru Classé Margaux wine according to the 1855 classification, has the privilege of having a one-block 49 hectares vineyard: 45 hectares with the Margaux appellation and 4 hectares with the Haut-Médoc appellation. Located near the Gironde estuary whose influence on the vineyard’s ecosystem is critical, the property is protected from ocean winds thanks to 120 hectares of meadows and forests. This agronomic bubble and unique terroir have made it possible to develop precision farming through plot selection, highlighting the exceptional characteristics of this Grand Cru Classé wine.



The oldest known owner in this sector of Margaux was Pétrus d’Auzac. He received the land from Richard I, “Richard the Lionheart”, King of England, Count of Poitiers, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Maine and Count of Anjou.


The Benedictine monks of the Sainte-Croix de Bordeaux Abbey were the first to mention, in their records as early as 1545, the “Bourdieu” de Dauzac estate, “Bourdieu” then referring to a farmhouse with a vineyard. Until the end of the Ancien Régime, the owners of Dauzac, which became an elegant Château, were wine merchants or eminent members of the Bordeaux Parliament.


The Bordeaux wine merchant Pierre Drouillard, Treasurer of France, made Château Dauzac one of the finest vineyards in the Médoc.


His grandson, Jean-Baptiste Lynch, appointed Mayor of Bordeaux by Napoleon and then a Peer of France under Louis XVIII, carried it through several regimes, as it maintained its leading position.


For two decades, the Wiebroocks definitively established Château Dauzac among the aristocracy of Médoc wines and secured recognition of the estate in the 1855 classification.


The Johnstons, a powerful family who also owned Ducru-Baucaillou, took over and gave the wine its first yellow label. Ernest David, the manager of these properties, developed the famous Bordeaux mixture that helped save the Bordeaux vineyards and thus the international wine industry from mildew.


Mr Bernat, the owner of Glacières Bernat, acquired Château Dauzac. In order to regulate the temperature of vats, he came up with the idea of putting blocks of ice in them during fermentation, thus paving the way for thermoregulation.


After periods of ownership by the Miailhes and Chatelliers, MAIF, a French insurance company, took over the Château. It became its sole owner and still remains so today.


MAIF entrusted the Château’s management to Vignobles André Lurton through an operating company. Recognising an exceptional terroir, MAIF quickly sought to make the most of it. A new gravity-flow cellar was built in 2004.


In March 2013, Laurent Fortin, appointed Managing Director, changed the property’s economic model and returned its wines to the Place de Bordeaux. In 2013, with the aim of advancing these exceptional wines, MAIF developed a strategic plan entitled “Ambition 2020”.


Laurent Fortin and his Technical Director, Philippe Roux, sensed that it was possible to have better knowledge of grapes during fermentation. With the support of the Seguin Moreau cooperage, the first wooden vats with transparent double staves were developed.


On a plot of the greatest terroirs of the Margaux appellation, Château Dauzac replanted non-grafted (no rootstock) vines of Cabernet Sauvignon from massal selections of the property’s best vines, with the aim of recreating the original flavour of this emblematic Médoc varietal. Château Dauzac continued to innovate by producing a vegan wine (D de Dauzac).


As every great Medoc estates, Chateau Dauzac is over looking the Gironde river.

Truly distinctive, Dauzac’s terroir is fittingly made up of a deep bench of large-sized gravel, in a geological vein specific

to this wine. These layers of large gravel of varying thicknesses, remnants of old alluvial terraces, sit on a sub-soil of clay and gravel. The secret lies in the ability to understand and best manage this terroir and its various plots, in accordance with each vintage’s characteristics. This delicate work of plot selection provides a wonderful diversity of wines with a great potential

Interview with Laurent Fortin

Why did you join Château Dauzac?

Promoting a Grand Cru classified in 1855 is an opportunity you can’t refuse. Over the course of my career, I had the chance to work for big wine producers, to head a cooperative federation and to create my own company. I worked for 16 years in the USA and 4 years in China, and I am now thrilled to be back in my home country to face this new challenge.

What is it about Dauzac that won you over?

I was immediately moved by Château Dauzac’s uniqueness. I discovered a remarkable terroir, talented men, who are passionate about their work, and a rich history.

At Dauzac, time seems to pass more slowly. Each moment is quieter and fuller than anywhere else. But we’re not stuck in the past, either. Dauzac has stayed true to its legacy as a pioneer of the Bordeaux mixture and thermoregulation.

Innovation is nothing short of a state of mind at Dauzac, but it is always paired with the greatest respect for nature and our terroir.

What are your dreams for Château Dauzac?

Promoting and sharing the emotion of a great wine, by restoring it to its rightful place as one of Margaux best Cinquièmes Grands Crus Classés, as well as strengthening the status of our first and second wines on the Bordeaux market and abroad.


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